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Imagine SAVING Money and Improving Quality with a Green Service.

HSC HumiBac has been helping restaurants and bakeries, hotels and resorts, grocery and produce vendors, florists and medical facilities to reduce the harmful effects of excess humidity, ethylene gas, and odors, in addition to saving on energy costs in commercial refrigeration. Controlling these elements can save you money while improving food/perishable and service quality and health safety.

HSC HumiBac takes pride in providing this green, sustainable, clean-tech service for commercial refrigeration users. We assess and customize a system for each grocer, bakery, cafe, restaurant, florist, food processor, grower-shipper or cold room user, install the simple, non-intrusive, energy saving equipment and service your business all year round for a small monthly rental fee, no upfront purchase required. No other humidity control service offers our electricity-free, unique mineral which renders the airspace inside a cooler a perfect balance of humidity so that floors and walls are not wet and are bacteria free and blowers are clean of any mold, condensers are less active and therefore energy is reduced and food and perishables (such as flowers) last longer at maximum freshness.

HSC HumiBac filters offer the amazing attributes of a green, organic, sustainable, naturally-derived white rock mineral from the desert that we call "Sorbite." Installed in breathable filters, "Sorbite" is a renewable and reusable resource that naturally controls humidity optimally in refrigeration. The benefits of the mineral, "Sorbite," were discovered in the early 1970's, when a small quantity of the mineral found its way into a refrigerator and significant changes were observed. Over the last 4o plus years, this simple, yet very successful and effective system has gained thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. This mineral is Rockwell International Labs research,and vetted by the FDA and USDA.

This mineral absorbs and desorbs, creating a breathing environment that responds to the airspace relative humidity throughout daily use within a contained space such as a refrigerated walk-in. The mineral literally absorbs up to 48% of its own weight as humidity from heat rushing in when doors open (which creates moisture and condensation) is introduced; and when there is less traffic in the walk-in the mineral releases moisture as needed to maintain a balanced environment within the confined space.

The filters are physically changed by our HSC HumiBac service representatives and refreshed once a month for an earth-friendly and user-friendly business model.

The economic benefits directly achieved through humidity control are:
Increasing the shelf life of cold stored products, maintaining their quality, weight and visual appearance
Reducing the spread of bacteria and mould build-up in refrigerated areas
Reducing the transfer and cross-contamination of odours
Lowering the ambient temperature of enclosed refrigerated environments
Reducing workplace injury risk by maintaining dry floors in walk-in cold rooms
Reducing wasted/lost labour time
Increasing the life span of compressors and motors associated with refrigeration
Reduces compressor recycle rates - directly contributing to a reduction in energy consumption


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