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Sorbite Filters in your Restaurants & Hotels

Save Big Money in Your Fridge or Walk-In Chiller!

24 Hours a Day -7 Days a Week … … and most importantly, with no effort required by you.

The benefits to the hotel and restaurant industry come under three main headings:
1 - Energy savings
2 - Reducing the cost of foodstuffs
3 - Health and safety

For any restaurant to make a profit there are two main considerations, apart from the staff, to worry about; namely the cost of their raw material (their foodstuffs) and the energy required to turn that raw material into the finished product. No restaurant or hotel kitchen can survive without walk-in chillers and fridges to store their foodstuffs. HSC Humibac's Refrigeration Filters fitted in a chiller will guarantee a reduction in energy usage and a longer shelf life for all perishable products.

Our unique mineral filters will provide some or all of the following benefits to your walk-in chiller or fridge.
# Fresher Perishables, Improved Tastes
# Perishables remain fresher for longer … … reducing unnecessary costly wastage!
# Fruit, vegetables, and herbs retain their freshness and crispness for significantly longer periods providing better quality, weight, and visual appearance for the consumer.
# Meat, poultry and seafood products retain their natural juices providing juicier firmer cuts of meat.
# Odours are significantly reduced, reducing the transfer of odours and the risk of cross-contamination.

Food Safety
# Colder temperatures are consistently achieved
# Substantially reduces odours, moisture and surface bacteria.
# Excess moisture is all but eliminated from chiller surfaces, significantly reducing mould and bacterial growth risks.
# Keeps food fresher up to 12 hours after a power cut or chiller motor failure.

Temperature Control & Energy Efficiency
# Improves temperature management by lowering temperatures and reducing temperature fluctuations.
# Improves energy efficiency, reducing chiller run-times by up to 16 hours per week and power consumption by up to 20%.
# Reduces compressor re-cycle rates by up to 50%
# Reduces icing on compressor coils and enables defrost cycles to be reduced by up to 50%.

Chiller Maintenance
# Reduces equipment stress by reducing recycle rates of compressors by up to 50%, proving savings in maintenance costs and increasing equipment life span.
# Reduces icing on compressor coils.
# Absorbs up to 99% of acetic acid gases, significantly reducing coil deterioration and increasing coil life expectancy. Acetic acid gases are mainly released into the chiller environment from sources such as vinaigrettes and cleaning chemicals.


# Improves the workplace by providing a safer, drier, and cleaner chiller environment.

Sections where HSC Humibac Filters make a difference....


Vacuum Packed Meat 

One of the major issues with vacuum packed cuts used in Restaurants is the blood purge in the vacuum packaging. This causes both lower weights on cut portionas as well as a drier meal. Ny using HSC Humibac Fiters in your cold room both these aspects are addressed: With blood purge being up to 60% less, the moisture being retained gives a higher weight on the scale as well as a more juicy meal to the customer.

Meat Ageing  

No sign of mould growth
No cracking of meat
No visible sign of shrinkage
Minimal trimming will be required
Substantially reduced weight loss.


When dealing with Seafood HACCP protocols are of utmost importance. HSC Humibac filters removes the Acetic Acid and bacteria that causes a "slimyness" on seafood resulting in a much longer shelflife

Fruit & Vegetables
HSC Humibac filters have a huge impact on fruit & vedetables stores in cold rooms and fridges. The reason is twofold:
1) The ripening process of all produce is slowed down with the removal of excess ethylene and other food spoilage gasses as well as bacteria
2) With the increase of RH caused by the HSC Humibac filters, the welting of fresh produce is much less. 


Cake Display Units
Losses from cake display units is largely due to products drying out. The HSC Humibac filters increases the RH in a unit therefore preventing the internal atmosphere from drawing moisture from the products. The result: More MOIST products...

Dairy Products
Results where dairy product is stored with HSC Humibac filter ranges from longer freshness of milk to no mould growth on cheese.


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