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We have been using HSC Humibac Sorbite Filters in both our fridge and freezer. We have noticed considerable improvement in vegetables, fruits and dairy products keeping for longer and the defrost cycles are greatly reduced in the freezer. There is also much less frost build up on the frozen products and we require less maintenance than previously. Use of the HSC Humibac Sorbite Filters has reduced our energy bills and over time these savings have more than paid for the filters. I would recommend the HSC Humibac Sorbite Filters both for increased shelf life and for savings in energy costs.

Miles Holzhauzen
Head of Catering - The School of Catering August 2016

Every now and then a piece of equipment will come on the market that will blow me away. The HSC Humibac panel did exactly that. Herman came to the kitchen and installed the Sorbite Filters free of charge for one month, so I could see the results for myself. After 1 day the biggest change was the smell in the fridge or lack thereof. The other change was the temperature and coolness of the fridge. I was also amazed that produce like lettuce and other things that only have a short shelf life was lasting a lot longer. When Herman came back he installed the Sorbite Filters in every fridge and the results and shelf life of the produce still amaze me still. Every fridge in the commercial industry should have these Sorbite Filters

Alan Gardener

Since installing the Sorbite Filters in our shop we have less blood on our chiller floors and have come to find that our forequarters do not get black patches on and have found our meat to last a week longer than before.which is oviasly a money saver.

We also installed filters in our Russian and Vienna chillers and have found that the Russians keep there fresh look as if they have just come out of the cooker.The viennas don’t have that sweaty look instead look dry and keep there colour.

I do suggest installing these Sorbite Filters in a shop…as it saves you weight and gives the product a fresher look aswell not to mention longer shelf life 


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