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Sorbite Filters: How it works...

Control the “Air Quality” and you maintain the correct Humidity & Temperature!
Here Is How It Works!
HSC Humibac’s unique biosmart family of filters have the ability to affect the three most important things inside a refrigerated environment.


HSC Humibac’s unique filter will keep your domestic or walk-in fridge colder and cleaner through its ability to absorb up to 60% of its own weight in moisture. It will also absorb and trap odours and kill off bacteria in the circulating air. Laboratory Tests have proven that Humibac family of filters kill off more than 80% of all airborne bacteria in the fridge.


Humitech’s Biosmart filters will not only regulate but control the Humidity level inside the fridge by its constant ability to automatically absorb excess moisture in the air and then release that moisture back into the fridge when the air is getting too dry. This allows the fridge to maintain the “ideal humidity” for the perfect storage of perishable goods. The mineral used inside the biosmart range of filters is the only known natural mineral that can do this.

Ethylene Gas and pectin gases are continually released from vegetables and fruits stored in the fridge causing them to ripen too fast or to spoil. By absorbing these gases and excess humidity inside the fridge the life of the stored fruit and vegetables can be extended from 50-100% depending on the type of produce.


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