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Sorbite : The Product

HSC Humibac uses a unique and proprietary mix of minerals, collectively known as Sorbite, with amazing absorption properties to form a 100% natural, mineral-based refrigeration filter that can be easily installed in all types of old or new cold rooms or refrigeration units.

Our refrigeration filters create a highly effective natural filter system which controls moisture and humidity within the refrigeration unit and absorbs all the food and produce gases that cause food to spoil. This ensures the refrigeration unit is maintained in a colder, drier, cleaner more efficient mode. They provide significant economic benefits from reducing unnecessary food and produce wastage to reducing chiller operating time and maintenance requirements.

To the user, this translates into improved profits by significantly reducing operating costs, food and produce wastage, staff cleaning and preparation time, while at the same time, maintaining taste, appearance, and shelf life of the stored products.

HSC Humibac filters are quickly and easily installed, they are durable, easily removable and cleanable. They work around the clock, keeping your cold storage fresher, drier, colder, and operating more efficiently. They have no moving parts, no power requirements, take nothing from the environment and give back everything.

Larger filters (FS001) are utilized in walk-in chillers and medium filters (FS002) as well as small filters (FS003) are used in large and small display cases respectively.

HSC Humibac Refrigeration Filters are guaranteed to SAVE YOU time, money, and wastage in your walk-in or reach-in fridge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  


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