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Big gains with Sorbite Filters in the Seafood Industry


Save Big Money in Your Display Cabinets, Fridges, and Walk-In Cold rooms!               24 Hours a Day -7 Days a Week … … and most importantly, with no effort required by you or your staff. 

Refrigeration is the transfer of heat from WARM to COLD. The faster we can transfer the heat to achieve optimal refrigerated conditions and the longer we can maintain them at optimal levels, the better the quality of products, effecting the reduction of product trim and weight-loss. "It is critical to the quality of meat to hold it consistently at the right temperature throughout all stages - from processing to preparation for cooking - this is known as "the cold chain". Fluctuating temperatures are harmful to meat quality; shelf life reduces by 10% for each one degree rise in temperature above -1°C."   

HSC Humibac filters directly benefit you by: 

*  Increases the shelf life of  seafood products, sealing in their  natural juices and maintaining better quality, weight and visual appearance.  

Eliminates products from sweating, drying and cracking.  

* Substantially reducing odours, moisture, bacteria, and mould build up. .

* Excess moisture is all but eliminated from chiller surfaces, significantly reducing       mould and bacteria growth  

Improving temperature management by lowering temperatures and reducing     temperature fluctuations.  

Improving energy efficiency, reducing chiller run times by up to 16 hours per         week, reducing power consumption by up to 20%, reducing maintenance           costs, and increasing equipment life span 

* Reduces compressor re-cycle rates by up to 50%  

* Reduces icing on compressor coils and enables defrost cycles to be reduced by up     to 50%.  

* Reducing wasted/lost labour time. The natural juices are sealed in meat providing     significant labour savings:  

        - reduces repackaging required in display cabinets, and  

        - blood drip-loss in walk-in chillers 

* Improving the workplace by providing a safer, drier, and cleaner chiller environment


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